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Are you at risk of knowledge transfer?


How to keep knowledge in your business once a temporary team member or consultant leaves.

A consultant or temporary resource might be a tremendously effective addition to your team. It immediately gives you the abilities you lacked and offers fresh viewpoints on any issues or difficulties you may be dealing with.

Consultants and temporary employees, however, are often just that—temporary. What happens thereafter, when they depart, to the knowledge and data they have gathered about your company? Usually, the information goes with them. Consequently, there is a chance for pricey consultants to get ingrained in your company due to the dependency they have placed on themselves. Depending on your scenario or situation, this might have both beneficial and negative effects.

Good consultants take pride in how quickly they grasp your organisation, the problems you face, and the pertinent solutions they then develop. However, this is typically not simple; it requires holding numerous meetings, gathering and studying numerous artefacts and documents, and holding numerous conversations. All of these activities require time and effort to coordinate on both sides of the consultancy engagement.

The top 3 tips for keeping hold of information from traditional consultancy engagement:

  • Request all meeting minutes and meeting notes from actual meeting conversations, not just the analysis drawn from the notes, as this is usually an interpretation.
  • Don’t just accept the results of the calculations; ensure that you also receive the models and calculators that the consultancy utilised.
  • Assign 1 or more individuals to work with the consulting so they can comprehend the procedure and the data being gathered and continue using it after the consultant goes.

Imagine being able to retain this knowledge in a useful way both throughout and after your consulting engagement. What if you could objectively evaluate and study the quality of the data in relation to a specific target or insight that you’re attempting to obtain? You could see the information that was transparently collected during the consultancy engagement.

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