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How to get the most out of the traditional IT consultancy process…


Nobody likes to feel like they’ve wasted time or money on a project, but in many IT consulting engagements, it’s just regarded as “part of the process.”

Nobody enjoys feeling as though their time or money were wasted at the conclusion of a project.

However, in many initial IT consultation contracts, this is just acknowledged as “part of the process.” I’ll explain why now.

When using a conventional consultant technique, it frequently adheres to the following framework:

  • To comprehend demands and commitments, discovery entails finding multiple artefacts, papers, and meta data about your IT service, company, and operating environment.
  • Interviews – examining current methods, experiences, and approaches for delivering IT services to assess performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Identify conclusions and provide you with comments regarding their findings, suggestions, and next actions.

This strategy has a flaw in that the majority of their time (and your money) is spent obtaining and reporting data that you may have already had access to or even already knew before hiring them.

How then can you maximize a standard consulting engagement without spending any more time than required reviewing information you already have? Here are our top 5 suggestions to get you going.

  1. Invest in a dedicated support team.

  2. Involve as many stakeholders in IT as you can.  

  3. Set up comms between IT and the businesses stakeholders.

  4. Be clear on the scope, objectives and data your consultants want from you and when. 

  5. Meet with your consultants regularly and get regular updates on their progress.  

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