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The CoPerceptuo roadmap: How we got here…

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We established the business Chetanasoft at the end of 2022 to provide a new method for facilitating the making of important business decisions while minimising the need for expensive consultants.

We are currently putting a lot of effort into developing, testing, and launching a terrific application that we and our other investors believe will influence the direction of the consulting sector in the future.

So, how did we get here? And what's the driving force behind this new application?

As founders, our combined experience in the IT sector spans more than 45 years, more than half of which were spent in IT strategy, advisory, and consulting roles where our primary goal was to support customers in making evidence-based decisions.

The companies we’ve worked with and the wonderful interactions we’ve had with clients over that period have influenced how we approach the services we provide now. We have recently been giving our clients the data they require to decide how to employ technology to accomplish their long-term organisational strategic goals and objectives. We achieved this by incorporating a distinctive data analysis methodology into our well-established consulting practise.

We discovered that the same risks and difficulties kept coming up during our consulting engagements, albeit with slightly different fundamental causes. This made it challenging for clients to assess problems objectively and come up with answers on their own.

We created a new data-driven methodology that examines and displays consultation findings in a meaningful and insightful way for our clients as we worked to continuously improve the quality of our services. Chetanasoft has been experimenting with this approach over several customer engagements, and we now think we can turn it into a self-service application.

As part of Chetanasoft we have developed: 

  • A structured data model, that: 
    • Clearly defines the data to collect across an IT service 
    • Provides the patterns on which to relate data and drive insight on which to inform valuable business solutions. 
  • A number of templated charts and insights, providing evidence to support or disprove hypotheses and solution options, based on risks and issues found. 
  • A self-service, digital approach to collecting both anecdotal and structured data, providing a means of corroborating and increasing accuracy from data collected. 
  • A support process on which to support data gathering and insight. 

The method and location of the data collection are crucial for the consultancy experience, but we’ve discovered that they’re also crucial for the veracity and provenance of the findings. Our method offers fresh viewpoints in the same time frame as an ongoing consulting engagement, but we’ve discovered that we can gain a far bigger picture and boost the quantity of ideas and viewpoints that emerged. All of this results in a significantly more comprehensive set of data and offers a wider range of insights upon which to base recommendations for enhancing the value of the IT service.

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