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Cloud Enablement

Utilise cloud-based technologies to increase value and reduce IT expenditures.

The demand for solutions offered via the Cloud is always rising. We assist you with creating your cloud architecture, choosing the best stack (such as AWS or Azure) to match your future demands, and transferring both on-premises and cloud-native apps. We can assist your company in using the potential of the cloud, regardless of where you are in your cloud journey.

Platform Modernization

Modernising your key apps, products, and platforms can help you reach your full growth potential.

We use our own re-engineering framework to modernise your outdated apps, products, and platform so you can keep up with the quickly changing technology. Without interfering with your regular company operations, we update the components of your outdated platforms, products, and apps.

Product Support

While we “run” your firm, concentrate on your “growth”.

Too frequently, resources that would otherwise be used to support innovation and development are instead required to continue caring for and maintaining legacy goods. For your older applications, we provide Level 1 support, giving you complete visibility via quality measurements and service level agreements. We boost operational effectiveness, save expenses, and free up your resources so you can concentrate on strategic expansion.

Big Data

Increase the agility of your organisation by utilising big data.

Data has exploded as a result of the spread of linked devices, offering organisations a plethora of untapped knowledge and potential advantages. Organisations looking to capitalise on this “Big Data” face significant challenges due to its velocity, variety, and sheer size. You may use this “unstructured” data in a strategic way with the aid of our big data services. We can more readily establish competitive advantage if we have quicker and less expensive access to unique insights.

Chetana Soft is a leading provider of technology solutions and a top performer in addressing the business and technological requirements of the entire enterprise.

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