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Big Decisions Business Solution Platform

With powerful BI & Analytics, Cognizant's BigDecisions Business Solutions Platform helps enterprises to fulfil dynamic and constantly changing business demands.

Big Data Strategy and Solutions

The growth of data and the difficulties associated with processing, maintaining, and successfully gaining relevant business insights are ongoing challenges for organisations across all industries.

Making Sense of Big Data in the Petabyte Age

It has been challenging for companies to turn data into insight due to the sheer complexity of massive data sets and the information models needed to access them..

Big Data Analytics

Based on your needs and budget, our team of specialists works with you to design an innovative Big Data strategy using cutting-edge technologies. Naturally, we guarantee that your current BI investments and data warehouse will enhance data analysis. Our expert team can assist you in analysing both Open Source choices and commercial product providers because they have a broad perspective. Our objective is to provide our clients with efficient, high-performing, and highly scalable Big Data analytics solutions. In the end, we lessen the risk of the time and money implementation. Based on your requirements, our professionals create proof-of-concept prototype applications using Big Data technology. It is pretty convenient to scale and deploy the new Big Data solution into the highest production-grade implementation after the prototype’s successful validation. Our highly skilled data scientists deploy cutting-edge models and algorithms to find patterns in data and provide predicted insights.

Big data is quickly becoming a necessity for firms seeking a competitive edge. Let us assist you in developing and implementing a big data strategy.
Whether the data is local, in the cloud, or both, you will soon be overrun by a sea of data. There are significant issues with social media, intranet collaboration platforms, and other data sources. You must take advantage of Big data’s volume, velocity, variety, and complexity in order to succeed in business. Avoid being buried. We have the knowledge, abilities, and resources needed to transform your business issues into business insights.

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